How to Find Cheap XBOX Game Systems

XBOX 360 gaming sytems break but are repairable.

Xbox One is the only place to play the best exclusives – like Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6 – and the biggest blockbusters this year. And experience the most advanced multiplayer on Xbox Live, powered by hundreds of thousands of servers that maximize performance while reducing lag and cheating.  The Xbox One is a revolution in entertainment.


Misspelled words are a GREAT way to find deals on EVERYTHING on ebay like others have. Try searching for XBOX 360 (360) spelled different ways on a regular basis, the trick is to find listings before the error is detected and corrected.

Here at our repair center, we want to help you keep your XBOX One (360) working like new, with proper care and maintenance we can extend the life of your xbox 360 gaming system.

I hope this helps you find a great deal on an XBOX 360 like many others have.

Instructions for Your New Laptop Battery

Important things to do when replacing your old laptop battery:

  1. Shut down your computer completely before removing the old battery.

2. Carefully insert the brand new battery and restart your laptop computer.

If you purchased a new battery, it arrived fully tested at the factory with only a partial charge. Leave your laptop plugged in an ac outlet overnight to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, it will stop accepting additional charge. The new battery will also charge while you are using your laptop as long as it remains plugged in the an outlet. Your new battery has a useful life of 300-500 recharge cycles.

Condition Your Battery for Optimum Performance

Partially discharge your new laptop battery to approximately 25% and recharge it 5 times during the first week. Never discharge your laptop battery below 3% of its remaining capacity or you may not be able to recharge your battery if you allow it to run empty when its brand new. Running your battery to an empty state on a regular basis will shorten your battery’s useful life. Research indicates laptop computer batteries have a longer lifetime when when you recharge them before reaching 20% of the remaining power.

Your laptop battery needs regular exercise to maintain its energy retention capabilities. Run your devices on battery power regularly to keep your rechargeable cells active, if not your battery will slowly lose its ability to hold energy. Remember, when plugged in, your laptop is operating on ac not the battery.

I hope this has been helpful. To find your nearest computer repair shop, google your computer model+problem+your zip code, or email us at




Soldering Service

Electronic devices that won’t turn on usually due to a bad power supply, damaged power cord or broken internal connection are repairable for a reasonable cost. Some pc boards are becoming difficult if not impossible to replace. Repairing electronic devices is more cost-effective and another way to keep unwanted electronics out of our landfills.

Have your old electronics repaired instead of throwing them away

Many electronic items that fail are very easily and inexpensively fixed to work like new again. Often, a broken electronic item only needs a new battery soldered or perhaps a fix to some soldering that has degraded. If your item is shipped to them for repair, they pay the return shipping.

Leaded capacitors on pc board

Brand new capacitors soldered to pc board

Electronic devices that won’t turn on usually due to a bad power supply, damaged power cord or broken internal connection are repairable for a reasonable cost. Some pc boards are becoming difficult if not impossible to replace. Repairing electronic devices is more cost effective and another way to keep unwanted electronics out of our landfills.

backside of pc board with soldered component leads

Whether repairing a broken connection on a circuit board, soldering a replacement battery, dc power jack, de-soldering, changing components, repairing bad solder joint, mother board repair, laptop, desktop, charging port, USB port, earphone jack, speaker, ac adapters, don’t worry we can fix it right the first time!

Broken DC Power Jack and Charging Ports

This is one of the most common problems we see in our shop. The power cable that connects to the laptop is no longer working, which the manufacturer will tell you; you need to buy a new computer. Often, this situation calls for a new dc power jack to be soldered to the mother board.

Intermittent Solder Connections

If you have a hardware problem with your computer, contact them before buying a new one. There are many parts in a computer such as dc charging ports that can come loose or connections can become oxidized over time, creating intermittent problems.

Soldering of through-hole components into printed circuit boards (PCBs). Through-hole components are those which have leads (wires or tabs) that pass through a hole in the board are soldered directly to the pad area (metal plating) around the hole.


Remote vs Local Computer Repair Service

Are You Having Serious Hardware or Software Problems?

If you suspect a serious hardware or software problem, an online computer repair service won’t do you much good. Any kind of problem that prevents your computer from successfully connecting to the internet will in most cases prevent a support agent from remotely connecting to your PC over the internet.


Remote Access Over Internet

Some online computer repair services will attempt to walk you through a step-by-step resolution to a serious problem that they can’t remotely fix themselves. You should know that whatever troubleshooting information they provide over the phone is probably available completely free of charge from a computer repair website – like the one you’re on now! This is a huge advantage if you need your computer fixed fast.

You could contact an online repair service that can remote your computer, but you’ll probably be referred to your local repair shop anyway.


Computer Technician

There’s no reason to waste your time if you’re experiencing the kind of problems listed below. I highly recommend seeking service from your local computer repair service.

Hardware and Software Problems

Problems Powering on the Computer
Issues that Prevent Windows from Loading
Can’t Access the Internet

How Fast do You Need Help?
If an online computer repair services that you trust can remotely correct your problem, they may be able to resolve it sooner.

Different Internet Speeds

remote computer repair

Remote Computer Repair

You should not have a problem working with a remote service team if you have a reliable, “high-speed” internet connection. If you are not on a “high speed” internet connection, you should probably think twice about getting your PC remotely serviced by an online computer repair service. It’s true that the process can work on very slow connections, but it’s not as reliable and will certainly extend the time/cost required to remotely fix your computer.


Some people simply prefer to work face-to-face, something you will not be getting from a online (remote) computer repair service. If you like to see who you’re paying for a service, or have questions regarding the work performed, then I highly recommend visiting your local computer repair service. However, if it’s just about getting the job done and getting it done fast, you’ll probably better off choosing an online (remote) computer repair service.

I make these points so you can make the right decision based on your computer issue(s) and help make the computer repair process easier. To contact your local computer repair shop, google your computer model, the problem and your zip code. I hope you find this information helpful.

Why Computers Overheat

Blue Screen of Death
Have you ever heard the term “blue screen of death” on a computer? It seems that once you smell the smoke, your computer is toast and it cost more to repair. If you want to make sure your laptop or desktop PC doesn’t overheat and damage your mother board or worst catch on fire, you what to know what makes a computer overheat in the first place.
Overheating Problems
Heat is one of the main reasons that cause laptop and desktop computers spontaneously turn off without warning. The first sign is when your computers start to run slower than normal. This problem is usually more noticeable with laptop and net books because you will be able to feel from the heat by touching the bottom of the machine. Most computers shut down when the temperature of the CPU is around 70C. Eventually things get worse, to the point where the computer won’t turn on due to component or power supply failure.
desktop motherboard cpu wires
This happens when the cooling fans can’t effectively remove heat from the internal compartment. Many computers overheat because of their location. Yes, your computer may have a fan but it isn’t very powerful. So you have to help it along by providing proper ventilation. Dust can also cause your computer to heat up, but it all depends on where the dust is at. Your Central Processing Unit (or CPU) is the heart of your computer. That’s why there is typically a heat sink on top of it that looks like a small block of aluminum. If dust starts to settle over either on the fan, it must work harder to draw the heat off the CPU. The dust can slow down the fan’s rotation, thereby keeping more heat in the computer. If dust settles on the heat sink, it inhibits the heat and keeps it over the CPU. If this cycle continues, you can expect smoke.
On top of that heat sink is your computer fan. If dust starts to settle over either on the fan, it must work harder to draw the heat off the CPU. The dust can slow down the fan’s rotation, thereby keeping more heat in the computer compartment.
If dust settles on the heat sink, it inhibits the heat and keeps it over the CPU. If this cycle continues, you can expect smoke. Contact your local computer repair service if your computer starts running slower than normal or feels warmer than usual to save money on the cost of your next computer repair.

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DC Power Jack Failure

In most cases, 95% of the time, the internal DC Power Jack on a laptop has to be replaced. Unfortunately, the connections directly on the motherboard of the laptop are faulty. Operating a laptop with a faulty DC power connector for long periods of time while moving the power cord to the right position to work can also eventually damage the motherboard.

The center “positive” pin on this power jack (soldered directly to the motherboard) usually breaks first when a DC jack is intermittent or fails to work at all. When this happens, the DC Power Jack needs complete De-soldering and a new DC Power Jack replaced into the motherboard then tested.

Notice broken “pin” connection in the photo below:

 laptop dc jack pin failure

An internal DC Power Jack on a laptop “unseats” from the solder joints, or the thin pin snaps away from the board causing the electric circuit to stop or become intermittent.

How Laptop Internal DC Power Jacks Break?
• Some laptop DC Power Jacks fail under normal operation.
• After a year or two of usage, the internal DC power connector can become loose.
• The fall of a laptop put can put too much stress on the internal DC power jack.
• People, pets and vacuum cleaners trip over laptop power cords, damaging the internal DC jack connection.
• When laptops get moved around a lot while plugged into the AC adapter.

Contact our computer repair shop for a free price quote. We diagnose and repair this type of problem and others daily. If you live out of state, we cover the return shipping cost.

Click Here to Contact Laptop LCD and DC Repair- Aurora, IL.

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What Causes Dark LCD Screens

These are the most common problems which affect laptop LCD screens and cause them to go completely black. This is general troubleshooting information only. Always have your computer diagnosed by a knowledgeable technician if you don’t feel comfortable performing this procedure. The following is a list of common problems which create a blank or black laptop LCD screen; there are others that create the same symptom.
Burned Out CCFL Bulb
A laptop computer LCD screen has a long light bulb which illuminates the screen and when this bulb is working properly, even though the laptop screen itself is still completely fine. Make sure that the “function” key wasn’t pressed to lower the light intensity. Check your computers manual for instructions.
Bad Video Card
Connect the laptop to an external monitor to ensure the motherboard is working properly. The computer will start-up as normal, including all of the lights on the laptop computer; however the screen will be completely black and will show faint images or none at all. The video card is working if an image appears on the external monitor.
Faulty Inverter
An inverter is simply a part in a computer which makes DC (Direct Current) into AC (alternating current). When a laptop inverter fails, it doesn’t produce the amount of power necessary to ignite the CCFL lamp located inside the LCD screen. If you can’t see the background of the LCD screen with a flash light, there is a possibility the inverter is the problem. Newer laptops have LED screens, which don’t use an inverter.
I recommend that this only be done by someone who has good knowledge and is comfortable with opening up the laptop. Contact us if you need assistance with your dark laptop LCD computer screen.

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Things that make your computer run slow

Is Your Computer Running Slow?

slow laptop computer turtle
One or more of the following cause laptop, netbooks, or notebook computers to run slow over the life of the devise.
  • Corrupt data
  • Missing Windows updates
  • Outdated software drivers
  • Overheating
  • Corrupt Operating System
  • Not Enough RAM memory
  • Hard disk drive space
  1. You want at least 200-500MB of free hard disk drive space. This available space allows the computer to have room for the swap file to increase in size as well as room for temporary files.
  2. Run “Defrag” so data gets arranged in the best possible order.Background programs
  3. If you’ve got an anti-virus scanner on the computer, spyware, malware protection program, or other internet security utility make sure it’s not scanning your computer in the background. Be sure to set up a schedule so that it runs automatically.
laptop notebook computer gaming laptop motherboard
Computer motherboard overheating
Make sure your computer and processor is not overheating, excessive heat can cause a significant decrease in computer performance some processors will even lower the speed of the processor automatically to help compensate for the heat related issues. If ignored, it will cost more in the long run to recover from a damaged motherboard. Sensitive components on the system board usually are the first to fail as a result of overheating. Constricting proper air flow to your computer can also cause a computer to overheat.
Make sure your computer case and exhaust fans are not obstructed and free of dust.
dust blockage exhaust vent cooling system air
Hardware Problems
Resolve any hardware issues as they could be the cause of your problem.
Finally, if your computer continues to run slow after going over each of the above recommendations it’s possible that your computer is experiencing a more serious hardware related issue such as a defective component in the computer. This could be a failing or bad hard drive, CPU, RAM, motherboard, or a combination of the above.
Check with your local computer repair shop if you are not comfortable doing this yourself.
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Symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack

How to tell if you have a bad DC Power Jack?

dc power jacks are repaired daily
Defective laptop DC power jack occur when the physical connection between the motherboard and the jack becomes broken. It is this bad connection that prevents your laptop battery from charging and the “battery charge” light from coming on and eventually the laptop or notebook computer fails to turn on at all.

What are symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack?

The laptop randomly shuts down without any warning.
The main power battery charge light flickers when you move the power cord. You have to hold he AC Adapter is a certain way for the laptop to turn on.
The battery won’t charge at all, therefore eventually is dead.
No lights come on.

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable power jack repair service, we at Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack provide customers with a fast and reliable DC Power Jack and LCD screen replacement services. We repair laptop dc power jacks and bring them back faster than most repair services. Along with keeping you informed during the repair process we provide free options. Whether shipped or drop off, we make every effort to return it to you within 3 business days (or less). Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair shop provides professional laptop computer pc repair service and has on-site facility. Cost effective, quality computer repairs made daily. Setting the standard for best customer service designed to empower our customers.

List of Computer Repair Services:
LCD Screen Replacement
Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
AC Adapters
Laptop Batteries
Motherboard Replacement
Software Backup
Virus Detection
Missing Keyboard Keys
Overheating Laptop and Notebooks
We share our customers’ testimonials and look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

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Liquid Spilled on Laptop Keyboard

water logged laptop computer

How to Recover From a Liquid Spill

Have you or someone you know ever spilled liquid on the keyboard of a laptop? The first thing that you want to do is immediately power it off and remove the laptop battery. Plugging it in and turning it on before the liquid has a chance to thoroughly dry could make things potentially much worse.

Drain all the liquid out immediately by opening and flipping it upside-down on a towel. Let it sit for a minimum of 48 hours to dry out before turning it on. If you turn the laptop on before it has a chance to dry completely, you stand the chance of damaging the motherboard. Beverage with sugar is worst because sugar makes the keyboard keys sticky after the beverage dries.
Unfortunately, you can pretty much consider your manufacture warranty voided at this point in getting this issue fixed. Some credit card companies offer warranties for products, so if you paid by credit card, call your bank and see what they cover. Renters /property insurance may also cover such damages.Even though the warranty is still good, the manufacturer will usually charge to replace repair your laptop.
damaged laptop motherboard component
Corrosion on the board is usually the first sign of spill damage. Most computer repair services look specifically for spill evidence especially on dead machines and are very good at finding spill damage once the machine taken apart. If your machine arrives damaged to the point that it powered itself off and won’t come back on, they find it and call you to let you know and will often send pictures of the damage.
If your laptop isn’t under warranty, Google a “trusted” laptop repair service in your area and have them give you a free repair quote. At this point you can decide whether to have the damaged laptop repaired or buy a new one to replace it.

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