Remote vs Local Computer Repair Service

Are You Having Serious Hardware or Software Problems?

If you suspect a serious hardware or software problem, an online computer repair service won’t do you much good. Any kind of problem that prevents your computer from successfully connecting to the internet will in most cases prevent a support agent from remotely connecting to your PC over the internet.


Remote Access Over Internet

Some online computer repair services will attempt to walk you through a step-by-step resolution to a serious problem that they can’t remotely fix themselves. You should know that whatever troubleshooting information they provide over the phone is probably available completely free of charge from a computer repair website – like the one you’re on now! This is a huge advantage if you need your computer fixed fast.

You could contact an online repair service that can remote your computer, but you’ll probably be referred to your local repair shop anyway.


Computer Technician

There’s no reason to waste your time if you’re experiencing the kind of problems listed below. I highly recommend seeking service from your local computer repair service.

Hardware and Software Problems

Problems Powering on the Computer
Issues that Prevent Windows from Loading
Can’t Access the Internet

How Fast do You Need Help?
If an online computer repair services that you trust can remotely correct your problem, they may be able to resolve it sooner.

Different Internet Speeds

remote computer repair

Remote Computer Repair

You should not have a problem working with a remote service team if you have a reliable, “high-speed” internet connection. If you are not on a “high speed” internet connection, you should probably think twice about getting your PC remotely serviced by an online computer repair service. It’s true that the process can work on very slow connections, but it’s not as reliable and will certainly extend the time/cost required to remotely fix your computer.


Some people simply prefer to work face-to-face, something you will not be getting from a online (remote) computer repair service. If you like to see who you’re paying for a service, or have questions regarding the work performed, then I highly recommend visiting your local computer repair service. However, if it’s just about getting the job done and getting it done fast, you’ll probably better off choosing an online (remote) computer repair service.

I make these points so you can make the right decision based on your computer issue(s) and help make the computer repair process easier. To contact your local computer repair shop, google your computer model, the problem and your zip code. I hope you find this information helpful.

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