Instructions for Your New Laptop Battery

Important things to do when replacing your old laptop battery:

  1. Shut down your computer completely before removing the old battery.

2. Carefully insert the brand new battery and restart your laptop computer.

If you purchased a new battery, it arrived fully tested at the factory with only a partial charge. Leave your laptop plugged in an ac outlet overnight to fully charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, it will stop accepting additional charge. The new battery will also charge while you are using your laptop as long as it remains plugged in the an outlet. Your new battery has a useful life of 300-500 recharge cycles.

Condition Your Battery for Optimum Performance

Partially discharge your new laptop battery to approximately 25% and recharge it 5 times during the first week. Never discharge your laptop battery below 3% of its remaining capacity or you may not be able to recharge your battery if you allow it to run empty when its brand new. Running your battery to an empty state on a regular basis will shorten your battery’s useful life. Research indicates laptop computer batteries have a longer lifetime when when you recharge them before reaching 20% of the remaining power.

Your laptop battery needs regular exercise to maintain its energy retention capabilities. Run your devices on battery power regularly to keep your rechargeable cells active, if not your battery will slowly lose its ability to hold energy. Remember, when plugged in, your laptop is operating on ac not the battery.

I hope this has been helpful. To find your nearest computer repair shop, google your computer model+problem+your zip code, or email us at




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