Maintain Peak Performance and Reduce Downtime

Results of Performing Routine Maintenance
• Your Laptop Computer will Run Faster
• Reduce System Clutter
• Avoid or Reduces Error Messages
• Increase Performance
How to Keep Your Laptop Computer Up-to-Date

Most users upgrade their systems when they start running slow as their hard drives become cluttered with files and downloads. But experts recommend that if you’re not interested in trading in your computer for a new one yet, it’s best to keep it running fast and smoothly by updating it.

Speed Up Your Laptop Computer

Over time, your laptop computer will eventually slow down if you fill the hard drive with excessive files, downloads or if your system has been infected with malware, which is very common. One of the best ways to speed up your computer is to run programs like “PC Pitstop” or “Disk Defragmenter”, which fix system errors and help make your PC run like new. Combined, they help your hard drive run faster by rearranging data to remove fragments.If you download a lot of information from online, the hard drive can fill faster, which slows your computer down. Always delete unwanted files, and run a program like “PC Pitstop”, which can clean up clutter and improve PC performance by cleaning and repairing registries that are filled with errors and system glitches.

Why “Defrag” the Hard Drive”?
Tech support recommends users “defrag” their hard drives at least once a month. Over time, files become scattered on the drive, “Defragging” lines up and organizes these files in order so that your computer can access them more efficiently and quickly.

laptop repair technician

When to Add RAM?
Do you get messages on your computer that your system is low on memory? If so, now is the appropriate time to add more RAM (or Random Access Memory). This memory is necessary for your computer to perform its various functions. Put simply, “RAM” (random access memory) provides a pallet that the computer can work from during normal operation, similar to our short-term memory. It holds information that is essential now but may or may not be transferred to long-term memory. Depending on the system, adding more “RAM” can be a complicated procedure for some, so it’s best to refer to a computer technician if you’re not sure.

Automatic Software Updates
Computer experts recommend using Windows’ automatic updates to patch security and application to enhance your computer’s performance and security and to help keep it updated.

Weighing the Costs
With limits, adding more “RAM” or installing a larger hard drive will help improve a laptop computer performance. You should refer to hardware specs on your particular model first. There are limitations depending on the computer specifications and the type of software applications used. If the laptop computer is more than 4 years old, perhaps it’s time to start considering a new one.

Always contact a qualified computer repair shop if you need assistance.

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