Laptop Power Issues

If your laptop has power issues where the laptop battery is not charging, power is cutting off without notice while using the power cord, it could mean the DC jack connection is starting to fail.The socket where the power cord plugs into your laptop DC jack breaks loose from the main board or the pin inside the DC power jack breaks creating an intermittent connection. Then the power will cut on and off, eventually your laptop will not turn on at all.Usually, but not always, this will happen when you move the laptop or wiggle the cord. If you get it in to a computer repair shop before it arcs and sparks enough to damage the board or some other component.
Symptoms of an Intermittent DC Jack
Movement of the AC power adapter plug causing power “glitches”
Spontaneous and instantaneous power-downs of the laptop for no apparent reason
Laptop refuses to turn on and battery won’t hold a charge.

This is a common repair that’s made every day on different laptop models. I would suggest that you let a trained technician make this type of repair for you. What’s worse, if the job is not done correctly you can create an irreparable damage to the motherboard.

Repair Policy
We have a “no fix – no charge policy”. If your laptop still isn’t working, we’ll only won’t charge you a diagnostic fee.

If you have any questions regarding power jack or LCD screen repair feel free to contact us by email:

Laptop DC Jack and LCD Screen Repair Service
“Best Way to Clean a Laptop LCD Screen”

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