What is a Defective Power Jack


Symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack

dc power jack installation
Defective laptop DC power jack issues occur when the physical connection between the motherboard and the jack becomes damaged. It is this bad connection that prevents your laptop battery from charging and the “battery charge” light from coming on and eventually the laptop or notebook fails to turn on at all.

What are symptoms of a Bad DC Power Jack?
The laptop randomly shuts down without any warning.
The main power battery charge light flickers when you move the power cord. You have to hold he AC Adapter is a certain way for the laptop to turn on.
The battery won’t charge at all, therefore eventually is dead.
No lights come on.

Laptop Power Jack Issue Solution
toshiba dc power jack installation
If you are looking for a friendly and reliable power jack repair service, we at Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack provide customers with a fast and reliable DC Power Jack and LCD display screen replacement services. We repair laptop dc power jacks sooner than most repair services. Along with keeping you informed during the repair process we provide free options. Whether shipped or drop off, we make every effort to return it to you within 3 business days (or less). Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair shop provides professional laptop computer pc repair service and has on-site facility. Cost effective, quality computer repairs made daily. Setting the standard for best customer service designed to empower our customers.

List Computer Repair Services:

LCD Screen Replacement
Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
AC Adapters
Laptop Batteries
Motherboard Replacement
Software Backup
Virus Detection
Missing Keyboard Keys
Overheating Laptop and Notebooks

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