Toshiba Laptop Model with DC Power Jack Issues

Toshiba Satellite DC Power Jack Issues
Most Toshiba laptop models use a 19 volts DC power supply that connects into the laptop DC jack. Some laptop owners find that the original charger that came from Toshiba has to be “wiggled” or moved from side to side before their laptop would turn on. In this scenario, the problem is either the AC adapter, the internal DC jack located inside the laptop or both. If replacing the charger does not fix the problem, the root cause is most likely due to a faulty connection between the DC jack and the laptop mother board. Pay attention to the laptop operating temperature and power cord during normal use to avoid potential damage to the laptop, mother board or worst. In addition, ensure that any replacement AC power source provides the recommended voltage specified for your machine.
Toshiba Satellite Models with Same Type of DC Jack FailureToshiba Satellite A200, A205, A215, A305, A135L35, L300, L350, L300, L305D, L355D, L515, P305, P305D, L300, L505D, M115- S3094, P305D, P300

Common Laptop DC Jacks Problems

Intermittent power problems are usually the result of solder breaks or broken center pin located inside the DC jack itself. If the DC Jack is bad, this repair can cost between $65-$150, depending on the model laptop and the repair shop. Some computer repair shops insist on replacing the entire motherboard, which can cost up to $500.00.

Just make sure that you understand the problem before pouring money into changing parts that may or may not be the root of the problem. Other computer shops will take the time to locate and replace the bad component rather than telling you need a new motherboard.

working gateway laptop

Call an authorized repair center or take the laptop to the authorized repair center. If your laptop is still under warranty, Toshiba might fix this problem at no charge.

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