Is There Hope for a Cracked LCD Screen?

cracked laptop lcd screen repair service

So this morning your laptop computer accidentally fell of the computer table. After picking it up off the floor, you realize the LCD screen has cracks in it. What’s more distressing the sound of your laptop LCD screen cracking as it hits the floor, or the voice of a manufacturer representative telling you the replacement cost is close to, if not more than the purchase price of the laptop.

cracked laptop lcd screen

Malfunctioning or cracked laptop screen is the most common problem laptop users’ experience. A laptop or tablet LCD screen is the most delicate pieces of hardware on a laptop computer and can sustain damage very easily.

Things most Warranty Plans Do Not Cover
Accidental damage to most electronic devices, abuse, misuse, unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes.

Is Hope for a Cracked LCD Screen?

brand new lcd screen installation with 100% warranty

Accidents can happen at the worst times; fortunately you have found Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack to help you get your laptop back and running in no time, all at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer. We will replace your damaged LCD screen fast and affordable. Our LCD Screen repair service is available all laptop models. Call today for a free quote.

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