History of Laptop Computers

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Portable Computer

In the second half of 2008, laptops outsold desktops for the first time. The term “laptop” can refer to a number of classes of small portable computers. A Netbook is smaller, lighter, more portable laptop. It is also usually cheaper than a full-size laptop, but has fewer features and less computing power. Since Netbooks, are quite small in size compared to laptops, CD players cannot be used in these computers.

Full-size Laptop:
In the early 2000s, desktops were more powerful, easier to upgrade, and cheaper than laptops, but in later years laptops have become much cheaper and more powerful. Most peripherals are available in laptop-compatible USB versions which minimize the need for internal add-on cards.

laptop with google search engine
Desktop Replacement Computer
A desktop-replacement computer is a laptop that provides most of the capabilities of a desktop computer, with a similar level of performance. Desktop replacements are usually larger and heavier than standard laptops. They contain more powerful components and have a 15″ or larger LCD display. They are bulkier than and not as portable as other laptops. The battery’s life is typically shorter due to compact and transportable alternatives to a desktop computer. Most laptops in this class use a limited range of components to provide better performance at the expense of battery life.

Improved Laptop Battery

Improved Battery Technology

As technology improved during the 1990s, the usefulness and popularity of laptops increased. Correspondingly prices went down. Several developments specific to laptops were quickly implemented, improving usability and performance. Among them were: Lighter and more efficient technologies that replaced heavy lead-acid batteries.

Eye-Controlled Laptop with Eye Tracking Technology

On March 2011, Lenovo has built the world’s first eye-controlled laptop with using eye tracking technology. A built-in small infrared camera will track eye’s positioning which at as select, point, scroll, etc.

Laptop LCD and DC Jack Repair

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