Frequently Asked LCD Screen Questions

FQA LCD Screen Questions

laptop repair customer service caption
Do you own a Sony Vaio, Compaq Presario, Compaq Evo, Compaq Armada, Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, Dell Precision, HP Omnibook, HP Pavilion, IBM Thinkpad, Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba laptop or notebook computer? We replace laptop displays, laptop screens, notebook LCD screens, LED panels, notebook matte and glossy displays with a 100% guarantee!
How to know if I need a new laptop screen?
The most fragile component of the laptop is the laptop’s display. If your laptop screen if physically damaged, you only need to replace the laptop screen itself, or if the CCFL (backlight) is faulty. Below are laptop screen problems and ways to know if you need a replacement LCD screen.
CRACKED SCREENtoshiba laptop with cracked lcd screen
Your notebook screen is cracked. It may look like there’s an ink splotch on your notebook screen. Although the surface layer of the notebook screen isn’t damaged, the glass inside your notebook screen is. Cracked laptop and notebook LCD screens are afford ably replaced.
You can faintly see an image on your LCD screen, but it is too dark to use the notebook. Adjusting your brightness feature does not help. The inverter that powers the back-light in the laptop screen or the LCD screen itself needs replacing.
black laptop with dark lcd screen power problems
The screen is completely black and does not show a faint image. If your brightness controls do not solve the issue, try hooking the laptop up to an external monitor to eliminate the possibility of video card failure. If the image shows up correctly on the external monitor, the back-light could be faulty.
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