Qualified Dell Laptop Repair Service

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We’ve seen a lot of Dell and Toshiba laptops coming in with power problems lately, however this happens on nearly all laptop and notebook computers. The Dell PP29L has a power plug that is a little different from most laptops out there. A customer recently called and told us that one repair shop wanted to charge them $400.00 to fix their DC power jack. Several other computer repair shops in the area even refused to work on their machine. Finally the customer went online and found us by typing in “Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair 60504“. To make a long story short, the repair was fast and inexpensive.

Dell laptop under repair

There is no reason to buy a new laptop computer when we can can fix or upgrade your current system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new laptop. Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair, provides a service to help you save money. We offer cost-effective ways to upgrade your current system. A certified technician performs all repairs.

Our business provides a service to the local community where we interact with our customers and give them practical solutions, quick turnaround and very competitive pricing.

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