Dell Laptop DC Jack Replacement

dc power jack replacement service
DC Jack Part Number: DS2 LIO BOARD; 48.4W006.011;
DELL INSPIRON 1525 PP29L Laptop Computer

If your Dell laptop is having problems or you think that your system board is dead, it you may just have a bad power jack (DS2 LIO BOARD; 48.4W006.011). Do you have to wiggle the power plug on your laptop to get it to switch on? It turns off while you’re working on an important paper.A broken connection between the DC power jack (DS2 LIO BOARD; 48.4W006.011) on the system board is a very common problem with some Toshiba Satellite laptops. If it’s still under warranty, it would be fixed at no charge to you. The Dell Inspiron 1525 and 1526 laptop models are known to have DC power jack issues (DS2 LIO BOARD; 48.4W006.011). This is a repair we do on a daily basis on all brands of laptops for individual customers and businesses. A flat rate of $100.00 covers the cost of the DC power jack. Unlike most laptop repair centers, we don’t charge a diagnostic fee.Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack repair DC jacks on all brands of PC laptops. More accurately, we replace the DC jack in laptops. In fact, we’re factory certified for all of the major brands. Some of the most common laptops needing DC jack repair we see are HP (Pavilion and Omnibook especially), Compaq (Armada and Presario series), Dell (Inspiron and Latitude), Acer (Travelmate and Aspire especially), Toshiba (we see a lot of the Satellite series for DC jack repair), Sony (Vaio), Averatec, IBM (Thinkpad), Gateway, Emachines, Samsung, Asus and Panasonic.

Problem Symptoms:
1. Laptop randomly shuts down without any warning.
2. Power LED and battery charge LED start flickering when you wiggle the power cord or the AC adapter tip on the back or your laptop.
3. The battery will not charge.
4. When you plug AC adapter, the laptop appears dead and there is no LED activity.

Other markings on the DC Jack board are:

Symptoms of a broken Laptop DC power jack:
– The laptop only operates when you hold the DC power plug-in a certain direction (DC jack becomes broken or loose).
– The laptop only runs on battery power (no power is getting through the DC jack).
– The laptop gets no power at all.
– The laptop will not charge the battery.
– The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently due to a loose or broken power jack.
– The laptop suddenly shuts off.
– The DC jack may feel loose.
– Sparks come out of the back of the laptop when you insert the power plug into the DC jack.

How a DC jack breaks:
– The DC power jack on most models of laptops does not have enough reinforcement within the structure of the casing and motherboard to handle the stress caused by movement of the power plug.
– Some DC jacks simply fail under normal operation of your computer. After a year or two of usage, parts just come loose on certain models.
– Sometimes the laptop gets dropped and the plug jerks the DC jack loose.
– People, pets and vacuum cleaners trip over laptop power cords and break the DC power jack.
– The laptop gets moved around a lot. After the DC jack moved back and forth enough times, it comes loose.
– In some cases the DC jack was not soldered into the motherboard well by the manufacturer.

We will notify you as soon as it arrives at our facility. If you still have questions regarding shipping your laptop in for DC jack or any other repair, just give us a call or email us at

Laptop LCD Screen and DC Jack Repair Service

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