Advantage of Laptop Computers

Do Laptops Computers use Less Energy?

Posted on 2012-05-26 15:45:28

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More and more people ask this question. For portability, laptops are the way to go, whether in a home environment or an office. If you are planning on taking your office on the road a laptop is the best option. Laptop computers are ideal in terms of energy savings. You can have a backup power supply so in case of an emergency you can have our complete system at your disposal. Some laptop manufactures even offer an extended like battery.

Some laptop or notebook computers may seem a bit pricey but cost less to operate in terms of energy costs. A laptop or notebook computer consumes approximately 90% less energy than desktop computers. You don’t have to buy all new laptop computers; just replace or upgrade to take advantage of the energy savings.

Setting your system’s power options appropriately has several advantages. First, you’ll extend battery life and be able to work off battery power for a longer period. Second, by extending battery life, you’ll recharge your battery less often, thereby saving both wear and tear on the battery as well as use less electricity.
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Netbooks usually have fewer input and output options, which depending on your needs is important. The screen size is usually around 15 inches or smaller, which is perfect for portability. You will find that these laptops have a great battery life, and come with most of the input/output ports you need. Although, you might miss the high-end performance, graphics, CD/DVD drive, larger keyboard and LCD screen.

acer dell compaq hp ibm nec toshiba samsung emachine fujitsu sony laptop logos

Because of their portability laptops are easy to transport if a repair or upgrade. The cost to repair a laptop is usually 1/3 of the cost of purchasing a brand new system. When properly maintained, a laptop computer can last up to 8 years. Consider repairing and/or upgrading before buying a new laptop and continue the energy savings.


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