Buying Considerations for College Laptop

buying considerations for your next hp laptop computer

Each year, thousands of freshmen look for a laptop or notebook before college begins. A laptop has become an item on any must-have-college-supplies-list right along with a backpack and a graphing calculator. A laptop or notebook are good tools to do homework, make weekly plans, communicate with teachers, friends and of course family.

A lot instructors deliver lectures through PowerPoint slides these days, and it is helpful (sometimes required) for students to download and review slides prior to the class. Many colleges have a mandatory laptop policy. So no matter what school you’re heading to, the most frequent question is “what is the best laptop for the college years.

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous on modern campuses and indeed one of the reasons why laptops have become so popular today. Most laptops come with built-in Wi-Fi cards to access the internet. Check with your schools IT department to find out what Wi-Fi standard is commonly being used on your campus. If you plan to conduct a fair amount of work outdoors on your laptop, you may consider a laptop that has a “matte” LCD screen instead of “glossy”.

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