Broken DC Power Jack Symptoms

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 DC Power Jack Problems

laptop dc jack repair service
It is important to make sure that you have a bad Dc jack. If a laptop computer isn’t charging when it’s plugged in and the battery charge light does not come on, this usually indicates you have a bad DC power jack if your AC adapter is functioning properly. In some cases, the end of the AC adapter is the cause of the problem.
The connection (wires) near the end of the AC adapter will break overtime if over stressed or the transformer, which is sometimes referred  a “brick” fails.

Here are a few scenarios:

a) The DC jack damaged or there’s an intermittent connection on the system board.
b) The laptop only turns on when you move or hold the power cord.
c) The DC jack has been broken connections inside the power jack itself.
d) The DC jack is good and the problem is system board.

One can easily damage a connectors or components and wind up having to replace the entire system board if they are not properly trained to disassemble a laptop computer.

dell Inspiron 1420 Motherboard

Warning: Overheating of a solder joint will damage vital traces on the system board. Be sure to contact a certified computer shop if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above.

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