Thinking about ditching your Laptop for a Tablet?

laptop vs tablet computer
I think the current generations of tablets, including the iPad are much more about consuming content than they are about creating it. Let me explain, even though a tablet can be used with an external keyboard, I wouldn’t recommend the iPad or any other tablet for someone who wants to use it for things such as every day blogging. Tablets are getting more and more advanced, but can’t replace a laptop when it comes to productivity.

tablet computer movie

watching movies on a tablet.

If you’re looking to browse through a magazine or look up a few Web sites while sitting on the couch, or if you want to watch movies during your commute, then the iPad is a terrific device. If that’s the primary reason for owning a tablet, go for it. Laptop or desktop computers are still better options for blogging or photo editing.
Some tablet apps will allow you to type text and sync it to other devices; therefore you can start writing a post on your iPad and finish it later on your laptop or desktop computer. But even with a wireless keypad and all these different apps, tablets or the iPad are not true replacements for a laptop when it comes to getting work done. Others, who review laptops and tablets, also agree.
ipad touch tablet
If you find apps that work with the blog platform, using your iPad to blog can be “surprisingly adequate however, you’re giving up a ton of flexibility, and you’re living on terms provided by apps or websites.

My advice to you is to wait a little longer to see how this market plays out. I don’t think that tablets are a great replacement for a laptop yet, but that may change in the future. If your primary reason for wanting a tablet is read magazines, watch video and use a host of really cool apps on a tablet, then it’s a great device. But if you really want something to replace your laptop, you should wait.

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